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7 Keys to Successful Homework Assignments in Remote Learning

The lethal wave of COVID-19 completely transformed the educational sector and forced educationists to adapt to new learning methods. Well, the new method (also called remote learning) tagged along many benefits, like learning with comfort, affordability, and relaxation. But, blindfolding towards potential challenges associated with remote learning can easily push a learner towards failure.

Remote learning isn’t as easy or complicated as it seems. It does come with benefits, but students are more often to fritter away time rather than meeting homework deadlines or simply showing up for classes. If you are an instructor, you can feel this – right?

To support the instructors, we have compiled a 7-step key strategy to help you get submissions on time!

Let’s excavate them together:

Motivate Students To Show Up

Motivating students to show up for their online class means winning half of the battle. One of the core reasons learners fail to submit their homework is that they are unaware of the deadlines. That’s because they never attended a class. According to research, fewer than half of learners have been actively showing up for online classes – isn’t that alarming?

To overcome this, teachers can clearly state students are supposed to show up with completed tasks. Using FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can be taken into use. Besides, being an instructor, one needs to appreciate punctual learners during class, so others are motivated to be on time. Also, highlight how many other learners submitted tasks on time and got the best grades. This will encourage lazy learners to show up and meet deadlines timely.

Personalized Homework

Most of the time, students believe that academic tasks are nothing less than a formality and fail to acknowledge the real purpose of academic tasks. Here’s when overall performance and grades begin to diminish. According to experts, it’s a great idea to assign personalized homework to the students, from which they can connect individually. For example, if you need to assign an essay, then allot a topic that they can relate to personally. Instead of assigning “Impacts of COVID”, assign “How COVID has impacted your life in 5 ways?”.

Otherwise, your student won’t mind running to professional essay writing service providers offering the best essay help at affordable prices.

Don’t Bombard Them With Deadlines

As an instructor, you need to realize that learning is challenging for students. Just because they are functioning from home doesn’t means they can deal with more than what used to be assigned to them during physical classes. Often instructors take remote teaching as an opportunity to overwhelm learners with unrealistic deadlines. The thought of not being able to meet the deadline demotivates a learner, and they are hesitant to show up for the next class.

Remember – less is more? Therefore, go for assignments that are easier to complete.

Make Learning Interactive

Attending a lecture and processing the lecture are two different things. Although this difference existed at the times of physical classes as well, remote learning has boosted it to new levels. Most of the students log in to their classes just to get marked present, and they do not attentively listen to what the teacher is communicating. As a result, their homework is a complete mess.

To make learning interactive consider giving brief quizzes during the class and sharing instant results. Polls and true/false sessions can also be conducted. In a 60-minute session – 2 to 3 polls are sufficient. In this way, your student will absorb the information, remember it, and create grade-securing papers to meet the deadlines.

Keep Lectures Organized

Doubtlessly, WhatsApp, Zoom, and other online portals are the need of the hour, but using all of them at one time is surely going to backfire. One foundational reason students don’t complete their academic tasks on time is that they cannot realize what exactly the homework is. Or even if they know, they can’t follow complete instructions due to disorganized notes/requirements. In such situations, learners find it hard to join the dots and yet skip the idea of completing the task.

A popular assignment help service provider reported that a substantial chunk of learners consider taking external help just because they can’t understand the assignment.

Supply Limited Does Of Information

Research reveals learners attentively listen to a video for 9 minutes only, and their attention span begins to diminish after that. Considering this fact, providing segments of max 15 to 20 minutes is suggested to make your lecture more effective. After that, you can have a fun quiz to ensure all the learners are engaged. Delivering information in shorter sessions is a great example of the spacing effect. Let us explain to instructors who don’t know what the spacing effect is. According to the spacing effect, long-term memory functions better when learning events fall apart rather than in quick succession. When a learner has successfully absorbed the information, they are going to outperform in their academic tasks.

Figure Out The Problem

If there’s a learner whose homework submissions or academic record is declining, instead of making assumptions, try to figure out the real problem. Maybe the student didn’t understand the assignment – or perhaps they didn’t have enough resources to prepare for the academic task. It’s always a great idea to communicate either with the family of the learner, or the learner himself/herself to know what’s budging the student.

Figuring out the problem has proven to be a great help. The reason is that a tutee might be hesitant to express his/her problem in the presence of peers but would confidently do it in their absence. Hence, reaching out to a tutee will help you recognize and solve the problem simultaneously, and it will result in successful assignment submission.

Cutting It Short

Adapting to new trends is the basic key to advance! But, new trends and advancements always come up with a certain set of challenges. Remote learning has plenty of boons, but its disadvantages can’t be overlooked. One of the major disadvantages is what we discussed in the article above. Using the 7 key strategy, you will experience a visible difference in successful submissions.