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7 Tips to Make a Cover Page for Assignments 

Do you have any pending assignments that might need your attention? Well, you are not alone in this battle because every 7 out of 10 students love to procrastinate especially when it comes to submitting their thesis or assignments, much less creating a cover page for assignments. Hard to admit but we all have been there at some point in our lives. 

How to Make A Cover Page for Assignments

However, it’s not the assignment that takes too much time but a cover page. What? Did you not know this before? Well, you do, now. The reason why students delay it is because of the lack of knowledge about the cover page of an assignment. Although, it is exactly what you think it is. The front page of your assignment. Most of you might think, is the one you make at the end of your assignment, right? Anyways, these are just some basic mistakes everyone makes, so don’t be hard on yourself. You can always start over. 

Elements of a cover page

First of all, you should know what a typical cover page includes, so here you go! 

  • Title of the project.
  • Course or subject name of your assignment.
  • Details of the students including name, roll number, etc.
  • Date of submission.
  • Information about the university.

Now that you know what is a cover page, and the elements it is consist of, we think it’s time to move on to the main thing. Have you ever wondered what makes an effective front page? The one that cannot be ignored in 20 other assignments? That’s what we are about to discuss, hence, you better be with us till the end of this article. We are sure that by the end of this article, you wouldn’t have to ask anyone to do my assignment!

Tips to Construct a Perfect Cover Page! 

Fonts and display 

The first and foremost thing is fonts and display. It’s not about how you choose to write or display your work but how you are supposed to do it. It’s all about following instructions, however, if you are not given any brief about fonts and display you know what to do. Your cover page should look like it has been made by a professional and not by a high school student. Don’t play with the fonts too much and get your work done on time. 


Then comes the ultimate test of your grammar skills. Jk. It’s not the ultimate test but yes, a test for sure. You wouldn’t want your effort to go unnoticed just because your front page has some basic grammar mistakes, right? Therefore, you should keep an eagle eye on grammar and sentence making. If you are not a native speaker then we have good news for you, non-native speakers tend to make fewer grammatical mistakes than natives because they master the language through learning. But that does not mean you don’t have to be worried about it. Better safe than sorry. 


Try your best to put on a great show because that’s what matters. As they say, the first impression is the last, you better put a great amount of effort into it. Your cover page is going to be the first thing your teacher would see, it has to be effective. If you want to check out some great examples you can go through the different American or more preferably assignment writing services in Toronto because British makes everything sound formal. Don’t they? 

Personal details 

Most of the time, tutees forget to mention their details on the front page due to stress. Only if you understand how grade-distribution works, you won’t forget it next time. Since details like your name, batch, and contact are quite important, we suppose, you shouldn’t risk it at all. 


Be honest with whatever you write and avoid plagiarizing others’ content just for the sake of grades because your professors are smarter than you! And if you think you can trick them, well you better think again because that is not going to happen. Besides, it’s also unethical so try to avoid it. 

Avoid phraseology 

If you don’t know what phraseology is then here’s the answer, it is a cliché, slang, or phrase you use the most. An informal way of writing your assignment. And you have to avoid it because the document you are producing is formal and your professor might not like the excessive usage of slang and idioms. 


Spellings and grammar are two different things and it’s high time that we understand the difference. Your grammar can be so on point and yet you can still make typing mistakes. Hence, when you are proofreading your assignment and cover page, go through every little detail. Find your mistakes, correct them, and then submit your assignment! Plus, if you find it necessary you can take assignment help


There you go with the eight steps to write a perfect cover page for your assignment. However, many other aspects impact your cover page such as the writing style you choose. Try to keep the same writing style for the front page and the whole assignment. Different styles might distract the reader, hence, it’s better to stick to the same thing. We hope that this piece of writing helps you to write a good assignment cover page. And do let us know if we are missed something we will try to cover it next time!

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