25+ best conclusion starters to write an impressive conclusion

As we all know the essay is divided into three basic parts; introduction, body, and lastly conclusion. We have witnessed how much emphasis is been put on writing a flawless introductory paragraph, there are tons of opening statements available on the internet but, have you ever paid attention to what will happen if you have followed the opening statement but, don’t know how to conclude it systematically. All your efforts right from the start will go in vain if you don’t know how to properly end the essay. Thus, a list of the best conclusion starters is a necessity for a student.

What should a conclusion have?

A conclusion should have a breakdown or a summary of your entire paper, and if it is a research paper then it should have a result of the finding too. A good conclusion should have a systematic flow and provides an ending that clears the dilemma if it has any in the upper part of the essay. Remember that conclusion should never introduce any other new idea or discussion. Emphasizing on main points that you have stated in the body and want that to leave a lasting impact on the reader’s mind, should be recapped in the conclusion too.

What are conclusion starters?

The conclusion starter is basically the opening sentence of your concluding paragraph. It acts as a bridge between the body and the conclusion paragraph. It should have a proper phrase that ends the long discussion debate or put a full stop.

There are several conclusion starters that assignment writers vancouver use as per the requirement of the content. Below we will give tons of ideas which going to help you, kick start your conclusion in a perfect manner.

Conclusion starters for essays and speeches

If you are a college, high school, or middle school student, you tend to encounter essays and speeches a lot in your tenure. And in this manner, you have to construct essays which is according to the guidelines and specifics taught by your professor/teacher.

Here are some examples of the conclusion starter’s words and phrases that pupils use for their essays and speeches;

With all this in mind

All things considered

In conclusion

In general

In my opinion


In drawing to close

Now that you know

In summary


The logical conclusion seems to be

Upon considering all the facts

What other conclusion can we draw from

Upon exploring the situation from multiple perspectives

What else can conclude but that

To sum up

To wrap up

I feel we have no choice but to conclude

In the light of this information

In the final analysis


These are some examples that you need to use when you are constructing an academic essay, and you will have these available on the internet too if you simply search “Write my essay”.

Conclusion starter for research papers

Research papers or studies tend to have a different tone than essays and other writing pieces. They are a form of the investigative genre as the main motive of such a paper is to find results. It is generally assumed that the paper will end the call of further ongoing research or have a result that is quite opposite to what was expected. There should be a formal approach to the entire content and even in the conclusion too.

Here are some conclusion starter examples for the purpose of the research paper

As expected

The result indicates

With a result like this, it seems

While additional research is needed

As per the final analysis

The data reveals

To assume from the data

What this study reveal is

While further study is warranted

Data seems to indicate

Unexpectedly data reveals

The significant revelation made by the study

Upon review of this finding

What we now know is

While this result seems to indicate

In the light of these results

The major revelation from this study is

To extrapolate the data from

In the final analysis

While further study is warranted

According to the research conducted

After in-depth research

As shown by the data

In the context of y, it seems that

The result of this study demonstrates

After careful consideration

These conclusion starters fit perfectly when a pupil is using them, after conducting research on the relevant topic. They sound professional in tone and have a formal approach to the paper.

Conclusion starter for less formal content

There is a certain writing component that doesn’t require a professional tone, and have a less formal approach to the subject, and has a little bit of personal touch associated with it.  Things like these are useful in school assignments, letters, or even in some tasks related to college.

Here are a few examples, which will be beneficial for you to start within the conclusion sector.

All in all

To wrap up

My personal take on

In simple terms

To get to the heart of the matter

To wrap this up

Without all the mumbo jumbo

What I think is

What are we to think about

On the whole

The time has come

As I see things

After all has been said and done

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

In a nutshell

To cut the long story short

What I believe to be true

When all is said and done

According to my findings

As a matter of fact

After an intensive research

This whole scenario tells that

After understanding the whole incident

These are some easy and notable conclusion starters that are compiled by the professional writers of assignment writing service Canada, they have after tons of years of experience curated this entire list for the ease of the students. So that they can deliver top-notch work and gain good grades.

To sum up

Hence now you know what importance a conclusion carries on the shoulder. It is one of the most vital circuits which gives sense to the entire paper and also ends an argument, discussion, or any other information which the topic is carrying throughout its paragraphs. We have listed each and every conclusion starter which will be helpful in curating your academic work. 

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